I have experience as a mount-maker and display fabricator, specializing in ethnographic and archaeological materials.

This includes custom mounts in brass, acrylic, textile and wood, as well as preventive conservation strategies for the display and storage of cultural materials.


Fitting a mount for an American Civil War-era military sword at the Fowler Museum, Los Angeles, USA, 2016



dead man's island_AT_OA copy.jpg

Replication of an archival display of natural history specimens using artificially aged conservation-quality materials for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, 2012

IMG_20150923_130814191 copy.jpeg
IMG_20160802_192218423 (1).jpg

Custom painted mounts in brass for the display of Pre-Columbian ceramics at the Fowler Museum, UCLA (left) and as part of an installation by Gala Porras-Kim at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (right, image used with permission of the artist)